Monday, April 26, 2010

We've been Nominated for the " Happy 101 Award" !

Yay! We've been nominated for the "Happy 101" Award! Thank you Le for this cute & sweet award, just like your blog! We're also fans of Jamie Oliver :)Please visit Le's blog Le Little Kitchen as you will see it is nice one, she covers sweet to savory recipes and her love for PIZZA... she even made a sweet version! I'll stop right here and let you explore for yourself....oh yes she even has her own kitchen survival guide.So nice to know Le and other foodies are enjoying our blog. What a great way to explore and connect with other bloggers around the world.And now we will share what makes us happy and pass this Happy award along to ...
The 10 things that makes us happy
1. Daddy and Molly
2. Shellfish
3. Family Vacations, especially with my sisters
5.Roasted Pork
6.Being with my Sisters
7. Crazy about my Sisters and little Molly.. any where any time, even in my dreams!
8. Cooking and sharing with others
9. Time with Mr.G - the laughing moments even when it doesn't make sense and silly spontaneous dancing
10. My sisters
11. Pork Belly
12. Cooking

 Happy 101 Award to our following nominees:
1. Namoweno 
2. Food For Tots
3  MaryMoh
4. AnnCoo
5. For The Love of Cooking
6. Precious Pea
7. Luv To Eat
8. Penspansandpuns
9. Little Hungry Heart
10. A Little Bit of Christo

 Let's cook and pass it along......
Rules to follow:
1. Copy and paste the award on your blog
2. List who gave the award to you and use a link to their blog - hyper link option
3. List 10 things that makes you happy.
4. Pass the award on to other bloggers and visit their bog to let them know about the award

Wednesday, April 14, 2010