Friday, January 28, 2011

Stir Fried Chicken with Mushroom and Soybean Stick

Another quick stir fry for a lazy night....
Did a quick check in the kitchen to see what I had handy.
Opened the fridge: cooked chicken breast in the pantry: dried shiitake mushroom and soybean sticks it!
Decided to do a stir fry with famous-never fail oyster sauce and tons of garlic.
We were also fighting a cold so I made sure the garlic was not cooked all the way ( natural antibiotic)
The semi cooked garlic along with the oyster sauce gave the mushrooms a slightly buttery chewy texture which I like. The result was perfect, a savory side dish good with salad, rice or congee.

  • chicken - cooked + shredded
  • dried shiitake mushroom - soak in warm water until soft- thinly sliced
  • dried bean curd stick- soak in warm water until soft - cut into half inch size
  • oil
  • oyster sauce
  • head of garlic - minced
  • white pepper
  • cilantro
Heat pan with oil, add half of the minced garlic, mushroom, cook for a minute then
add bean curd sticks and chicken, give it quick stir and toss
add the rest of the garlic and oyster sauce, give it quick stir and toss again make sure it all mixed well.
Great with fresh cilantro!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Top Chef All Star thoughts

Wow, brother Dale truly showed his prowess not only in the kitchen but also in his wargame strategies! I mean picking Marcel to be the opposing captain is probably the Top Chef all time best strategic move...ever...period. He knew no one would cooperate with him. The other team was doomed no matter who was on his team. It is sad that the only thing I remember about Dale from his original season is his temper. It is obvious that he did a lot of soul searching after seeing himself act like a douche on national TV. These days, his cooking is impressive and his temperament in control and confident. Well done Dale! Even though he wasn't the winner, he stood out most for me. Blais is such a whiny crybaby that it is hard to take him seriously. Also, I'm personally not drawn to his cooking style. Although his bromance with Fabio is very funny. Too bad it is Blais since we all know he will never measure up to Stefan. Nevertheless it is still very funny. I started following Fabio on twitter and he is just as funny. He plugs his ebook a little too much but its still very adorable because its Fabio. Also, his show recaps has me in stitches!
Well, you all know I am delighted and dancing about Marcel's elimination. All the other chef's have been so professional with their criticism, boiling it down to poor people skills. For me, it seems a spanking and a time out is in order!


Really Angelo, stop making crudo. Snore....

Did anyone see Tre? Was he even on the show? What happened to the "force in the kitchen"?

Did Marcel dye his hair? Why does it look so different?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Top Chef All Stars thoughts

Ok now. You just can't mess with Chinese people and their dim sum! Getting really bad dim sum while starving from waiting forever was NOT a good situation. I was surprised there wasn't a mutiny. The diners must have been invited and comped is all I can guess. It was a disaster of epic proportions and the judge's blogs say the show didn't look as bad as it really was. All I can say is if the cookNgs were there, we would have been in that kitchen way before Tom decided to go check. You know, get things in order! There would have at least been some decent fung jow from Casey's stash! I was sad to see Casey go because she actually could cook and had a decent personality. Boy did that Jaime dodge another bullet. Bye bye next week? We can only hope since this is Top Chef, not Top Scallop.


Was Angelo always that tall? Angelo, really, don't make a raw dish.

The quicker quickfire was lame. Tom gets to decide which dishes measured up to his own?
How arbitrary is that?

The anger management is wearing off. Dale is definitely starting to simmer. I'm getting a little nervous.