Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Memorial Day BBQ...

, nSo it was memorial day and of course we needed to do a bbq to bring in the summer.
We were blessed with a gorgeous day and wonderful people.

Of course we had a big menu and was so excited to go shopping and prepare the food. This gave us a peek of what it would be like if we started a catering company. We had a party of around 25 people and started the night before. The menu was: Glazed bbq wings, mini burgers, corn salad, and orzo salad.
We started out with marinating the wings the night before and here are the ingredients:soy sauce, sweet soy, honey, sriracha, rice wine, sesame oil, and garlic. Mixed it all up in the wings an
d stick it in the fridge overnight.
The next day we started out around 1pm to prepare the rest of the food. My sister, Annie was a little nervous on the time, wondering
if we were able to prepare and have the food ready by 6pm
for 25 people.

But the Ng team were
determined to make it happen and rolled up our sleeves and got down and dirty. First we prepare the mini burgers. We mixed beef and pork with onions, portabella mushrooms and a few dry spices. Then we took the wings out of the fridge and roasted them in the oven. Next we worked on the salads. The corn salad is our signature dish and I feel like we may have posted about it before but I included a picture of it anyway. I created the orzo salad as another veggie option for our fellow vegetarians. It consist of orzo, olives, pim
ento peppers, walnuts, parsley, and balsamic vinegar. Most of the ingredients are raw so it's a good dish for people who are into raw foods.
After the salads were done, we grilled the mini burgers and wings and it all turned out to be a beautiful spread!

So in the end we finished on time.....even with a little extra time to make ourselves pretty for our guests ;0)


lishapisa said...

hi little biggie!
it was such a delicious fun day! and we can do it again very soon Orlando!
where are the other juicy pics :)
Hungry now....

Monet said...

I would have loved that vegetarian salad! Yum! You would be a great caterer, by the way.

Belinda @zomppa said...

That's some BBQ! YUM! Mini burgers...I would have had several...many several.

Jean said...

Wow, what a feast! Everything sounds so good! Congrats on a successful BBQ.

Cook with Madin said...

Hi there, what a lovely spread. My eyes are on the mini burgers, and the vegetarian salad. You'll be great caterers.

Le said...

What a great menu! Where was my invite?!

Pam said...

Sounds like you had lots of tasty food. The mini burgers sound AMAZING!

Magic of Spice said...

Looks like a great BBQ! Love that salad:)