Thursday, December 2, 2010

Top Chef All Stars thoughts

The premier episode did not disappoint and in fact I am super excited about this all star season! Excellent choice to have Anthony Bourdain as a rotating judge. He's just awesome.
The bar is set pretty high in the kitchen and all the food looked pretty amazing. With a few exceptions of course. It's always sad to see Fabio on the bottom for a pasta dish. I mean, how embarrassing! I was never impressed and still don't know why Marcel is always in the mix. In fact, I had the opportunity to taste his food at Test Kitchen recently. To my surprise, he was the guest chef of the night and I was disappointed. His food is too contrived and is just not very good. The stuff he put out tonight was much of the same. Stephen is just so annoying, annoying personality, annoying wardrobe, annoying food. His body is so weird too. On that note, life must get better for all chefs that appear on Top Chef because they all gain so much weight! Well, all the women look the same but all the guys, not so good. For some reason, I do not remember Richard at all. I totally watched his season but he is a stranger to me. Who is he? Well, they sent home the right person. Ciao Elia. She was kind of annoying too, clearly not ready for the level of competition. For the most part it was fun seeing all the contestants and remembering particulars about each. I'm sure I'm wasn't the only one waiting for Dale to wig out and slam a sheet pan over someones head. Well, its going to be a fun season and you'll hear from me again! Did I mention that Bourdain is a judge????


Monet said...

I adore Anthony Bourdain. I wish I had cable so that I could watch this! I hope they will make it accessible online. Thank you for sharing. I hope you have a great day!

lishapisa said...

I wish i had see all previous seasons, just had time to watch bits here and there. But now we able to record the entire season 8!
ooooh the awkwardness at beginning of the show, the reunion part, greeting with half smiles and hating eyes. love the recaps of the dramatic scenes, who is the Asian guy with the attitude?
this season looks really juicy!
oh btw, mr. bourdain was at the movies across from me not to long ago ;)

Geoff said...

Doesn't Anthony Bourdain get dizzy being a rotating judge?