Sunday, May 20, 2012

Comfort Food

When you were a kid feeling low or having a bad day, your mom would offer you hugs and comforting words, and then proceeded to make you something to eat that would always make you feel better.
I want to share a dish with you that still to this day makes me feel better when I'm feeling down.
Let me first start with my bad day, or should I say bad month...
A month ago the restaurant I work at went through an overhaul.  It was a month of scary events that consist of what you most likely read in chef/restauranteur memoirs.  The chef quit, the owners stepped in and starting cleaning house.  There was yelling, firing, crying, pots being thrown, people walking out, and nights where I find myself still working at an ungodly hour.  The stress level was way past the danger zone.  Everywhere I turned, someone was freaking out and yelling at me.  My boss, my co-workers, even my customers. But! Life is a they say.
So I find myself in the kitchen...where most life problems are worked out.  This time it was my sister, Annie who was offering comforting words... and food.  I just sat there feeling like I went through hell, no words, too exhausted for tears.  She made me dinner and when she put out my favorite dish, I stared at it and wanted to cry, again.
It is a very simple dish made out of eggs and water - that's it.
You take equal portions of egg and water, beat it together and steam it for about 10-15 minutes.  The cool factor in this is how she portions the water perfectly.  Let's say she uses four eggs.  She cracks three into a bowl and the with the last egg, she makes a tiny hole on top and shakes out the last egg into the bowl.  She now has a perfect measuring "eggcup" for the water.  She fills the "eggcup" with water then pours it into the bowl; 4 times.  At this point, you can add water ever you like; mushrooms, scallions, etc.  She adds a little oil for a moist texture.

This is what comfort food is all about.  A simple recipe, usually from childhood and generally has an effect on you like the last scene from Ratatouille.  I scooped a very generous portion over rice, add some oyster sauce, took a bite...and voila! I felt much better.  Thank you Annie, you knew exactly what to do.


lishapisa said...
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lishapisa said...

yes test in life comes and goes...then there's that challenge again and i know you can take it cause you are one super strong amazing person.
Things will only get better from here.( you know with sister power and all )
first comes food..
That steamed eggy looks PERFECT, nice job Annie! I have to agree a bowl of steamed custardly egg over rice is 100% comfort food and Especially when it is made with love. I love you girls and i think i'm going to cry now..
ok peace out!
*call you later cin big hugs!!

hungrysmurf said...

I love steamed eggs and love the ratatouille reference more! Let's make this when you guys are in LA. Molly loves eggies too.

Bananee said...

I'm glad it provides love and comfort for you. I'll make it for you anytime.

Love, Annie

lishapisa said...

awwww thank you Annie you are too kind

CJ - Food Stories said...

Thx for connecting with me on foodbuzz. I just subscribed to your blog feed and can't wait to see what your next post will be!