Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hunan Deliciousness!

Are you ready for some Heat?! Let's talk Hunan style!
Our friend Max speaks highly of this Restaurant "Hunan House" and his favorite dish, the Braised Fish Head.
Right away I was intrigued. His good friend Roger and family also joined us, which was perfect as he knew exactly what to ordered. And here is his order:

Started with the cold appetizers
Pickle Cabbage with chopped chili

Chilled Marinated Beef Tendon with Tripe.
The tripe was thinly sliced giving it a smooth light texture.
Chilled Conch in chili oil
Deep Fried Little Fish, stir fry with fresh chili and scallion.
( with tail and head crunchy yet tender inside and very tasty)

White Pepper with Chunks of Beef which I believe was preserved.
Thinly Sliced Lamb stir fried with watercress,onion,chili and cumin
lamb and cumin ...yes .. i know....

Little Wok with Pork Intestine simmering away in Chili oil.

Grilled Whole Peppers and Stir Fried Water Spinach Stems
Fried Pumpkin Cakes

And star of the night is the Braised Fish Head. I believe it a Asian Carp
Which I found perfect with freshly chopped chilies, tomatoes and green onion bathing in a tangy broth with a hint of heat.
Quite amazing right? Oh boy one taste and believe me you will be HOOKED!

I was surprised that I was able to handle this amount of heat! The chilled pickled cabbage and a bowl of rice helped.

Leaving with the numbing sensation from the spices was a really nice way to end a cold snowy night.
We'll be back!


Preety said...


Thanks for visiting my place..Love your blog too, will be back often..


hungrysmurf said...

Wow! What a feast! That fish head looks so good!

Stella said...

Wow, all of this food looks really enticing and healthy too. I want to eat with you girls one night!