Friday, February 5, 2010

something in the food...?

So I've seen many couples who come to eat at my restaurant and just start making out right at the table - and I mean many! Must be the pork belly.
But then I also see many couples break up too. I don't get it. I was discussing this with my fellow waitstaff and I'm like "why would you pick a restaurant to do this?" It is the most awkward place to do this! The entire staff is watching and afraid to walk up to the table. A few times I walked up to the table, drop off the check, and mumble something about thanking them and quickly walk So I'm going on and on about how it's just wrong to do this at a restaurant - and then I realize that I just went through the same situation myself - at a restuarant - and I quickly shut my mouth.... hahahaha


hungrysmurf said...

The restaurant is also the most popular place to propose. Its also where a lot of business deals are made. Maybe its food and breaking bread together that puts people at ease. You have a very important job!

lishapisa said...

some people like an audience or they maybe just rehersaling with a friend to do it the right way ....Be a man! do the right thing... hahaha