Friday, February 5, 2010

Living on the edge

I love chinese fermented bean products, most of all fu yu! For as long as I can remember, fu yu has been an essential condiment in my pantry. Like oyster sauce, it makes most everything better and a little goes a long way. The bottle in the picture is the favorite brand of the family and the name always escapes me, even now with the picture in front of me. I never remember because we always refer to the brand as "you know the one with the two dudes on the label." Every time I open a new jar, the same thoughts always goes through my head:
What is this weird piece of styrofoam sitting on top that doesn't seem to have a purpose? When does fermented border on rotten? Does the FDA know about fu yu??
At the end, I really don't want to know because I love fu yu.

I love it so much that I wrote a haiku:
oh so savory
so yummy in my tummy
little cubes of love

Some favorite ways to use fu yu:
  • sauté with chinese greens (ong choy or long beans)
  • use in casseroles and stews to deepen flavor
  • stir into congee
  • sprinkle a little sugar and serve as condiment


lishapisa said...

Life is too short ..I don't wanto know too..
Have you made it with lamb and Fu jook?
So good! I think there is also sugar cane in that dish

lishapisa said...

Oh yea awesome post name ha ha

Bananee said...

I'm imagining Gollum singing your haiku.

lishapisa said...

Hahahahaha I can totally hear that