Saturday, February 12, 2011

Top Chef All Star thoughts

Well, well, well. Ciao Fabio. We are sad to see him go but after all, it is Top Chef, not Top Comedian! He is SO funny though! Bravo needs to give him his own show. This episode is one of my all time favorites. The challenges were interesting and dynamic and how 'bout having Jimmy Fallon as guest judge?? He was so much fun! His family and the announcer guy from the show were hysterical! Congrats to Carla for one delicious looking pot pie. This is very reminiscent of her season where she really steps up leading into the finals. Let's hope she can go all the way again! I really like her food; simple, honest and always true to her style. Dale goes from too bland to too salty. Come on bro! Wake the #$@ up!! Antonia rocked the tongue and showed some skills. The rest were not memorable. Angelo acts creepier and looks greasier every episode. What's going on with that dude?

a little like Hannibal Lecter? just a bit?


Hey Angelo! It's "chee-poht-lay" (chipotle)

What was Dale calling Angelo? Was it "stunning guy"?

I like eating tongue but was a little skeeved by seeing the whole big thing being sliced. ewww


veggietestkitchen said...

i can't believe Fabio is out so soon. And I'm surprised at how well Antonia is doing. I don't remember her being such a rockstar. Blais has been weak. Dale's been hit or miss. Any predictions for the finals? Definitely Antonia and Carla. The last spot I'd say is a toss up between Angelo, Dale and Blais. Blais has a tendency to crack under the pressure like he did during his season in the finals. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't even make it. Hard to admit since I'm a huge fan of his.

I like your recaps. I'm surprised there isn't more of a dialogue on these episode around the other food blogs!

Peggy said...

I'm really rooting for Carla here! Love your recap! =)

hungrysmurf said...

Veggie, I know you are rooting for Blais and I'm sure he'll come through to the final. He seems to pull through when it is really important. I predict a Carla, Angelo and Blais final. As much as I like Dale, I'm not sure he can hold up under the pressure. We'll see what happens this week!
Peggy, I'm rooting for Carla too! Hoo de hoo!