Wednesday, May 5, 2010

toddler lunch idea

It has been so busy for papa and I that there has not been too much cooking going on. We've managed to get in a chicken stew and a turkey stir fry which is not too bad because that's really 4 nights of eating home cooked food since I always make enough for leftovers! From Monday to Friday I need to make sure Molly goes to day care with a nutritious and well rounded lunch. On busy weeks the ideas run short and it is too tempting to send PB&J every other day. While these toddler lunch ideas are not culinary gems, they hopefully will help inspire busy moms to keep giving good food to their kids for all their meals. Thank goodness Molly loves fruit and will always eat any fruit I send! I've been watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and I'm so appalled at what moms put in their kids' lunchboxes! It was gross stuff like those Oscar Meyer pre-packaged lunches (coldcuts or chicken nuggets, crackers and cheese) which are full of preservatives and are really expensive! So I offer some ideas for quesadillas which all kids love. It is inexpensive to make and really yummy and good for your kiddies! Please share your toddler lunch ideas!

always use whole wheat tortillas and good quality shredded cheese

filling ideas:
low sodium sliced turkey (we like trader joe's brand)
ground turkey sauteed with spinach puree and tomato paste
green peas (yes, Molly likes these now)
sliced hard boiled eggs


NAMOWENO said...

Omg I'm alllllways online looking for recipes! It's so hard and tiring! I WISH Brianlily liked tortillas. She has NEVER taken a liking to them. I've tried since she starting eating our food. It's all about bread for her. She's great with WW bread. I like to steam broccoli until its soft enough to practically spread, and smear it on then add cheese for a grilled broccoli and cheese. We just had berries! She hates strawberries (since as far back as I can remember), she loved raspberries, and wasn't too sure about blackberries. I like the turkey idea. I LOOOOVE them, but I know they're not always the best. I'll try the ones you suggested.

BTW...Molly's @ DC 5 days now!? WOWOWOWOWOW! Big little honey!! I found the coolest gifts for her!!! I hope she likes'em!!


hungrysmurf said...

Yes! She loves day care so much we decided to put her in full time! She learns so much from the other kids! Today she said, "the owl goes woo woo"

lishapisa said...

the owl goes woo woo.....giggle*
these toddler food sounds good!

hi Jennifer! how about pureeing strawberries with the other berries? Popsicles ? add a little diary for cream Popsicles!

it is sad what some of the kids are eating out there, processed garbage :(

Monet said...

My husband and I don't have children yet...but I already look forward to sending my child to school with a nutritious and delicious meal. I loved seeing what you did for your little one. Thank you for sharing!

Lazaro Cooks! said...

We met on food buzz last month. It's a shame we lost touch, however I am glad I found your blog. Look forward to following you here. Cheers!

Kathleen said...

This looks like the perfect lil kid lunch! My kids would always devour quesadillas!

lishapisa said...

The Busy Hedonist has left you a comment-
( Foodbuzz )
That such a great idea! I’m always looking for new dishes to serve my picky 2-year old.

lequan@luvtoeat said...

I love how you post toddler food ideas, thank you so much for doing that. I know other Moms appreciate this wonderful idea as well. My girl is not in playschool yet and I'm already worrying about what she'll be eating for lunch. Your ideas are very helpful. Thank you for posting this. I have found that kids really enjoy eating with their hands. My kids really like salad rolls, waffle sandwiches, chicken wraps, subs, but I've yet to try quesadillas.

Anncoo said...

Happy Mother's Day~!

Peggy said...

Such great ideas! We need more moms like you guys who CARE about what their kids get to eat and whether it's healthy for them!

lishapisa said...

Turkey with Molly's favorites black bean / avocado sounds good