Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lisa - New Year Resolution

For the coming new year 2010. I will focus on health first from eating to working out. crossing my fingers!!
As you can see I started little early. For lunch today I had a salad from Guy and Gallard -Lemon Chicken with Romaine Lettuce , Tomato, Broccoli tossed with Red Wine Shallot Vinegar.
Em and I agree on starting  by having less carbs. I will have to be more careful with the portions and it's going to be tough! That means easy on the pasta and rice!!
Will keep you posted on my new mission.....anyone care to join and share tips?


hungrysmurf said...

I already am being bad. Having eggy rice right now. At least its in the morning!

lishapisa said...

First meal of the day is very important and egg plays a good part.
what is eggy rice....sound like you're talking to molly hehe

Bananee said...

I'm joining you too! I feel like a slob. I need to keep up since I am dating a younger guy :)

lishapisa said...

hahahha i just saw your post annie!!!!