Friday, December 18, 2009

Quick Stir Fry - Beef Cubes Eggplant & Chinese Greens

Who doesn't like a nice quickie meal especially when you're tired from work.
Here is a dish with easy prepping and all you need is a pan or a wok.
For a good stir fry try to use a wok, that way it maintains the heat with the ingredients.

Ingredient: A
beef - cut into cubes
eggplant - slice into 2"
chinese greens - slice in half

Sauce: B
Lee Kum Kee-Black Bean Sauce
fish sauce

Marinade for Beef Cubes: C
soy sauce
rice wine
sesame oil

1. Marinate beef cubes with "C "for 10 mins.
2. In a bowl mix together "B". You can add water or broth to thin the paste (black beans are fermented and are very strong in flavor , so be careful with amount you can always add more when tasting)
3. Heat wok with oil, oil must be hot , add the beef cubes - work them around the wok to give it a quick browning. Remove and put aside.
4. Add the vegetables and cook until done then add "B" on the inner side of the wok ( i like the sauce to thin out so it can distribute evenly)
5. Add the beef cubes back to the wok and give it another quick stir with the rest of the ingredients. Done!

Here is a savory dish with tender beef cubes, crunchy greens and eggplant that just melts in your mouth mmmm
This was very good with a bowl of rice and chili garlic sauce.
Let's Sic Faan!
Anyone want to share their quickies?

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