Thursday, December 10, 2009

Top Chef thoughts

Did the best chef win? I think the most creative chef won. Brian should have taken the prize if judging solely on food. His food was amazing and solid. What happened to Kevin? He totally did a Jen C and lost his game to nerves. I can't believe his pork belly was mediocre!!! Like, that's his signature meat! He was also the most unlucky with his sous chef draws....OMG Preeti??? I would just lock her in a closet and do it all myself which he kind of did do it all himself. Sigh, we all still love him and I'm sure he'll win fan favorite. So the least favorite contestant won and to give due credit, he did seem like he wanted it most. He was always focused and consistent throughout the show. He's still a putz tho!
Here are some complaints because blogging would be no fun without yammering a little:
  • Why would the show invite the mothers to only let them taste the first course?
  • They totally did not show enough interaction with the sous chefs.
  • Who the hell invited Sam Nazarian? I was embarassed for him. He's so not Top Chef worthy. You could tell the other diners thought so too by the looks they were giving.
  • Besides Drew, all the dining guests sucked.
Sigh...another season done. What city are they doing next?? When is Top Chef Masters???


TROLL Y2K said...

Good questions. The guest judges and the show sucked. SUCKED!

lishapisa said...

Hahaha, when is the next top chef? I wll be following along u guys!