Monday, December 21, 2009

Saturday Lunch - Congee Village

Lately with the Holidays and moving, I have not had time to post as much as i like to. But as soon as my new kitchen is set up and ready, I will be back with more serious cooking.
For now I am grateful for the yummy restaurants in my neighborhood.
Here sharing what we had for a lunch the past Saturday at Congee Village on Allen St. I wonder if their other location on Bowery is as good as Allen's or better... Has anyone been to both? let me know?

Stir fry Frog Legs with Mushroom and Golden Chives
for those who never tried frog legs...
they do taste like chicken just more on the tender side!

Rice Noodle Rolls with Pork Liver and Spring onion Casserole
the rice noodle gave this savory dish a fresh light touch*
I like to add a dash of red vinegar on the liver,goes really well together.

and what do you think this dish is?

Thai Style Phoenix Claw
De boned pickled Chicken Feet

These three dishes goes well with bowl of congee or rice.
Have you tried any of these dishes?

Click here to view their Impressive Massive Menu


hungrysmurf said...

I love Congee Village. I always get so jealous when you guys go.

lishapisa said...

sorry you gonna have to bear with that , i live right around the corner and going to tell you what we had each and every time ha ha