Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chinese Steamed Minced Pork with Dry Salted Fish

Here is another family favorite an authentic Tai Shan's dish -steamed minced pork with salted dried fish..Some like to use other surprise bits like dried squid, scallop, mushroom, salted duck egg, water chestnut, there's more can't think of now ( fill me in on what I missed).
I was given a bag of goodies on the day I visited mama Ng..thanks mom!
In the bag, she has given me a salted yellow croaker, what to do .....got it! straight to the butcher and got what i needed.

salted fish
ground pork
corn starch
fresh ginger - thick slivers
dried shitake mushroom - chopped
white pepper
sesame oil
soy sauce

Wash the and slice the fish. Lined the bottom of the plate with ginger place the fish and cover with rest of ginger. Drizzle oil and steam until done. something smells fishy.....
While the fish is done remove from steamer and let it cool. Mix together the pork, mushroom, scallion (white part ),cornstarch , sesame oil, white pepper, let it sit until fish is cool.
When fish is cool to touch remove all bones and add in to the mix along with the ginger and oil the fish was steamed in.
Steam until done.

Drizzled light soy on top and serve with rice and steamed chinese broccoli.
This can be fried aswell but I prefer this way with the juice mixed wth the rice ......
mmmmm you know what I'm talking about..remember the tapping sounds of the chopsticks cleaning the last bite of rice.......my tummy is growling as I'm writing this.. :)
 I believe this is traditionally made with Mui hurn - a salted dried fish with finer taste and texture.
Tastewise .....yup good old fashion Mui Hurn wins!

We can never get bored of this old time favorite.


Bananee said...

I have a bag full of the salted fish from mom. I thought mom made it just for me!!! She lied.

hungrysmurf said...

Hey, I have a bag of the same fish! Just kidding... did she tell you how much the fish and salt cost?

lishapisa said...

she gave me the goodies when i went over.
she felt guilty she gave you my ribs soup!
annie i love the cat and chicken pic !

MavisInCanada said...

You could add chopped Chinese Sausage (Lop Chong) or Preserved Salted Turnip, chopped fine...that always tastes good.
My father was from Tai Shan in Guang Dong Province in the old days. We also would like the restaurants here in Canada to make the Beef & Tomato with added minced root ginger - that is one taste we miss, unless we make it ourselves...