Sunday, November 1, 2009

Top Chef thoughts

I've delayed my thoughts perhaps because of lack of inspiration? The whole episode was just lukewarm for me. The quickfire was okay and predictable. The elimination challenge was a total let down particularly the quality of the dishes put out. How many of us knew that Natalie Portman was going to say that she was a vegetarian? I guess the poor chefs didn't see that coming since they were not privy to a preview of the coming episode. It was clever to set them up in a steakhouse just to give them a vegetarian challenge. So going back to the caliber of the food....everything was so BORING! The dishes were so incomplete. Where were the grains? beans? pasta??? I mean come on! Remember the beautiful vegan (far more challenging conditions) dishes that came out on Top Chef Masters? I have to say that I think Mike V. should have won. The only reason Kevin won was because after having so many wimpy little dishes, his was the most substantial and satisfying, obviously a big deal from the comments at judge's table. Once again we were thrown at judge's table. You all know I'm a Jen C. fan but she really deserved to go home again. What happened to her?? She needs to bring back the side ponytail and some sass! Poor Mike I. I was beginning to like him. Certainly Robin deserved to go home before Mike. Don't you think?? 85% of viewers want to see her gone!

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