Thursday, November 19, 2009

Top Chef thoughts

Now that was an episode!! Finally some good all around excitement and cooking! I liked all the dishes and the elimination challenge. I thought using the Bocuse d'or platform was really exciting and of course the all star panel added to the overall buzz! Like all foodies, I just LOVE Thomas Keller. He just opened a Bouchon here in LA and I can't wait to go. Its not French Laundry or Per Se but it'll do. The man himself is so gracious and commands respect in such a warm and fuzzy way. He was a great guest panelist! This is also the first episode where I'm compelled to talk about the food. Everything looked so delicious and thoughtful. I was even impressed by Eli who unfortunately had to go home. You know it is getting towards the finale when Tom starts praising everyone instead of throwing confused looks. It seems that Michael V. got put in his place after being overconfident. Loved how Kevin won cooking food Michael cooks on his day off. Just love that Kevin, always sincere with his cooking. Jen finally got her mojo back and it was cool when Padma said "Welcome back" at the quickfire. When she is at her best, her food really is the most interesting and sophisticated. Hopefully she will continue on this upswing and maybe even win as I predicted??? Brian's food was exciting even though it wasn't executed so well. Its a good thing his food is not like his personality. I often wonder if he is capable of showing any more emotion than a member of the queen's guard. Hey Brian! Boo! snoooze.
I'm starting to feel the sadness that comes on towards the end of the season of a show I love. Although not as profoundly sad as for the finale of BSG, btw Ellen is going to join the cast of Heroes!! Ok, I'll stop before the tangent goes too far. I just hope top chef masters airs right after the Vegas finale!! We know that Marcus Samelsson (sp?) will be one of the cheftestants!

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TROLL Y2K said...

I much prefer episodes like this one where the focus was on the food. But they're harder to blog about!