Friday, November 13, 2009

Shanghai Nice Green Bo - #2

Another Sunday visit to Green Bo. We can't help it everything on the menu sound so delicious we must try them all. Can't wait to try their Rice Cakes.
Here we started with an cold dish of aromatic beef (chilled sliced five spice marinated beef tendon ), side with roasted sesame oil jelly fish ( crunchy and slippery with hints of sesame oil and vinegar).
Gave Soup dumplings a rest ordered Wonton soup instead ( the wrap just melts in your mouth)
Dry stir fry string beans with pickle greens.
Fish Belly in brown sauce.
All good except the fish was a bit on the sweet side.

Nice Green Bo Shanghai Restaurant - Click for the full MENU *

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hungrysmurf said...

wow, once again a great meal. Funny I never think of ordering wonton soup at a restaurant.