Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chocolate chip cookies

Baby cookng has requested my beloved chocolate chip cookie recipe. It has been a few days and I haven't given it to her yet. She hasn't told me what the secret password is. She doesn't even know that she has to give me a password for it. In truth, this is a test to see how grossly negligent she has been to this blog because if she reads this, she will know she needs to give me the password. Will she know what the password is? Maybe she can ask the other cookng that has been living at a retail store on Madison Ave. This blog misses the triple shift workaholic cookngs.

Hey, don't you guys love Molly? Because if you do, you would read and contribute to this blog. In fact, Molly's new word is "mamawhydoesn'tyeeyeethreeandfivewriteontheblog"


JOANJEN79 said...


hilarious! those nycityites are too busy for us west coasties!

did i tell you for the umptenth time...I LOVE THIS BLOG!



hungrysmurf said...

Hi mommy! We miss you guys and feel close to you since you are of the left coast!

lishapisa said...

Well done my sister(rubbing hands together)
we will soon see if your plan works on the sisters ...... Is all about the password that nobody knows... We'll see .......

lishapisa said...

Yesh Molly thats my new word too!
Hi ma ma Jen miss u!