Friday, January 29, 2010

Chinese Herbal Soup with Chicken.....

Are you a soup lover? I am! That's the main reason why I'm posting about this soup again! Who doesn't enjoy a bowl of something delicious and warm in your tummy? It’s almost like a hug from the inside out. As for chilled soups, nice in a different way and that will be another post for the summer.
Once again I've made my favorite soup with healing powers. Nothing beats having something so tasty and healthy at the same time. For those who missed my original soup post, here is a quick link* .
Working with Chinese herbs is one of the reasons why I enjoy making this soup. They are so pretty with their different shapes and color and add such deep flavor to the soups. I've worked with a few different herbs but did you know, there is a never ending list of Chinese herbs to cook with? How exciting! There is a lot to learn about Chinese Herbs from how to cook with them to their medicinal qualities. The Chinese Soup Lady ”is a very helpful site when you want to learn about the different ingredients and herbs which you may find in many authentic Chinese Soup. These herbs come dried so you can stock up for a few weeks or longer depending on which ones. Combine with your favorite meat and vegetables and you will have a meal in a pot!
Here are some pictures to share:
*adding chicken feet to your stock will make it more silky and they are fun to eat!
I like to dip them in some soy with white pepper...yum!
Aren't they pretty in those lovely bowls!
The bowls a gift from my sister....Thanks Em*

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