Friday, January 15, 2010

Dim Sum Weekend!

Saturday Dim Sum at Jing Fong Restaurant.
Anytime I speak of Dim Sum, I always get this questions " Have you been to Jing Fong , it's the best"
The never ending escalator and massive dining room can be impressive but we were a bit disappointed with dim sum here. Some how they tasted too heavy in a starchy way and the place seems dirty. Don't think we're going to be returning.

Sui Mai wrapped with seaweed. Seaweed flavor was too strong

Pork wrapped in fried soybean sheet

Steam ribs

chicken feet

shrimp rice rolls

steam tripe

Notice the diet coke *


biggiefood said...

eh heh... love the diet coke! lol

hungrysmurf said...

The next time you guys are here we have to go back to monterey park. Any of the places there will blow Jin Fung away. And yes they have diet coke.

Bananee said...

Monteree Park? Or the Penansoola?

lishapisa said...

i'm even drinking diet snapple 0 calories

Thas said...

I love dim sum too, it's been a while since I had dim sum, looking at your pictures, my craving for this has just begun :) Have fun!