Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Whole Wheat Fusilli .....zzzzz

Looks pretty right!? but not so tasty ....
boring food means boring post  , how disappointed I am with this ..... and I made it!
So we all know I'm trying to eat healthy and lose weight at the same time.
 Since I' m happy switching from white rice to brown rice I thought about my other carb love.. pasta! Woke up this morning excited about the new box of whole wheat fusilli sitting in the kitchen cabinet. I had tried whole wheat thin spaghetti and enjoyed it and thought i would with other pasta types...nope..it was grainy.. maybe it was the brand ? Had just few bites of the WW fusilli and finish all the veggies.

Now what to do with that box of WW Fusilli?? ....would it be better in soup ? maybe earrings or a new rattling toy for Molly,she'll probably get bored at it as well...

Here is a very simple and quick recipe i always enjoyed .
-summer squash
-cherry tomato
-chinese broccoli
-Annie's Sesame Shitaki Dressing
-garlic chili sauce
-salt n white pepper

Put all ingredients (except pasta) in a sauce pan and let it simmer for a few minutes...then add the cooked pasta and toss....done!


JOANJEN79 said...

that's too bad! i started eating ww pasta a few years ago and never looked back! I usually use ronzoni healthy harvest (I think that's the name) I've had regular pasta a few times but it's not what it used to be...sorta what happened to whole milk ever since I made that switch years ago...

"keep trying...keep trying....don't give uuup, never give up"

that was my yo gabba gabba song quote of the day!

biggiefood said...

try it with a bolognese sauce...

lishapisa said...

it might just be the brand i bought. I heard Trader Joes have really good WW Pasta and i will try Ronzoni as well and of course with bolognese sauce...i'm hungry now
thanks girls!

molly loves gabba gabba !

biggiefood said...

Or try spelt pasta. I like it much more than whole wheat. The texture is much more like regular pasta.

"try it, you'll like it! try it, you'll like it!"
That's my yo gabba gabba contribution for today.

hungrysmurf said...

That was me posing as biggiefood with the spelt pasta comment. Although I hear biggiefood is also a yo gabba gabba friend. She has a crush on munno.

lishapisa said...

ah Spelt Pasta here i come! what brand do you buy Molly's mother?

i'll try it , i might just like it
i'll try it , i might just like it


JOANJEN79 said...

ahahahaha I was shocked that mei would know yo lyrics! lol I didn't realize it was you lisha...I saw diet and thought of emilys tweet about carbs! the web communication is out of control! lmao! I can't keep up facebook, Twitter, myspace, YouTube! ay ya yay!


lishapisa said...

hi jennifer!
i dont know a single thing about yo gabba gabba just that is Molly's favorite. I'm just babbling...
is it brianlily favorite too?