Monday, January 4, 2010

Sunday Malaysian Lunch

It was a very exhausting Sunday as we finally felt the toll on our energy from the holidays/ shopping/moving/eating /sorting and unpacking boxes/celebrating and eating some more/cleaning/ shopping some more and finally we had passed the final days of 2009 .....whew! Happy New 2010 Everyone!
Here is a brief post, just want to share what we had for lunch on Sunday.
Was thinking of Malaysian Food for awhile so decided to go to New Malaysian Restaurant in Chinatown. It is quite hidden, located in a tunnel which is a shortcut from Bowery to Elizabeth St. named the Chinatown Arcade...anyone know why ??
It is called "New"Malaysian but has been in business for years formerly with pale cool decor, florescent lights and pale green furniture. It now has a warm and cozy make over but one thing did not change and that is the delicious food.

Started with the warm Curry Roti - Famous Thin Fluffy bread with Chicken Curry sauce..
with the frigid weather we're having.....this was a perfect starter

Stir Fry Duck's Blood with Bean Sprouts, Scallion , Ginger and White Pepper
* Duck's blood - earthy flavor with texture smooth like tofu and was pan fried with crisped edge*
Strong and Fresh flavors all around..
Almost perfect just missing Red Vinegar,
that would have completed this dish ( was not available )
so i added a dash of soy sauce instead.

Finally the star of the night arrives!
Hainanese Chicken
Fresh poached chicken in stock and chilled with toasted sesame seed oil, soy sauce and roasted garlic served with chili garlic and ginger scallion sauce.

Had some leftover chicken, packed for lunch today with chinese broccoli and brown rice.
About the brown rice, this one of my diet moves....from white to brown and i actually like it!

Funny, i thought this was going to be a short post, I guess we do get carry away when it comes to good food.....

For Full Menu, click HERE*


hungrysmurf said...

I love chicken roti! I usually have the carribean version . Does the malay version have chickpeas in the layers of the bread?

hungrysmurf said...

You are sooo lucky Geoff is such an adventurous eater! duck blood? wow!

hungrysmurf said...

Hey do we like my new profile pic?

biggiefood said...

mmm.... i love malaysian food. And you had the two dishes I ALWAYS get...roti and hainanese chicken,...mmmm

lishapisa said...

I can have these 3 dishes anytime soon...
I never had the Caribbean version, the chickpeas sounds really good!
Yes we are having a great time and Geoff always up to anything he has not tried!
that is a sweet photo,has she touch the ocean yet?
Cin, remember the duck blood noodle soup we use to order? mmmmmm