Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Breakfast Time !

while having breakfast, some like to read , watch tv, make a very long and exciting to do list, work a crossword puzzle.... well I played today!  ( i don't do this everyday, believe me)
oh yes, it is actually an egg cup so you know, i do not have my eggs on any random toy....

very soft boiled eggs ( similar to em's )
 -bring water and eggs to boil and let boil for 2 mins
 -turn flame off and let sit for 1 mins
 -rinse with cold water to separate membrane/shell from egg
*no need if having it straight from the shell - lightly crack with edge of spoon around the upper part of the egg slowly lift the top off and enjoy..

this was a large egg so less time for a smaller one


hungrysmurf said...

ooooo two of my favorite things! Science fiction and eggs! wow!

Bananee said...

You must've been bored

lishapisa said...

haha yes i was bored .... actually have 3 of them on the counter just staring at me " play with me"