Saturday, October 24, 2009

Top Chef thoughts

Well they're filming the finale right now and Padma's 5 months preggos. Apparently her boobs are huge according to judge Toby. We'll see the bump(s) soon enough! Father's identity is still a mystery. Last episode was good. I always love restaurant wars and this one was a good one. Couldn't believe Jen tanked so badly, truly disappointing. I still believe in her and predict that she will be in finale. However, if they were truly following TC protocol, Jen really should have been sent home this week. I can't count how many times they say it is not an accumulative competition at judges table. She really dropped the biggest bomb and deserved to go home. But alas I am sooo happy that boring Laurine got sent home. I mean there must be a boring chef quota for casting because she is the poster child for lethargy. Did I mention that Laurine is boring? The "tension" between the brothers is totally fake. You know those two are high five-ing it when the cameras are off. Although I thought it was hot when Brian told Michael to shut up and Robin to finish plating the damn desert. Now the question is, who is more annoying? Robin or Eli? I've been so busy feeling embarrassed for Robin that I haven't noticed what a nudge Eli is. Next to go...Robin Early prediction of final 3 Jen, Michael V. and Kevin.

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lishapisa said...

drama.. I'm missing out here! Thanks for the update.. Can't stand the heat get the $/"&@'?" out of the kitchen!!