Monday, October 12, 2009

Top Chef thoughts

Here I go... a bit late but relevant since we are a couple of days away from this week's episode. This is Top Chef, not Fair Chef. Only in this type of competition can a person who did nothing (Ash) and another who really sucks (Robin) get to go to the next round while a chef (Ashley) with some skills certainly more than the previously mentioned gets eliminated. Ashley has actually won an elimination and is more interesting than the other two. What Robin lacks in talent she surely makes up for with luck. I can't believe she escaped judges table with such a super boring dish. Also, they built up the supposed fight between Mike I. and Robin to be such a big deal and it was so lame. Anyway, you know I will be watching this Wed no matter how much I complain. Any theories on who's Padma's baby's father?? Can't get enough Top Chef? Check out this funny fan site


hungrysmurf said...

Padma has been divorced from Salman for a while now. Seems she likes the intellectual types!

lishapisa said...

i got it all wrong?? what was i reading? who is this mysterious man?