Friday, October 9, 2009

Moon - Fall Festival

Last weekend  Oct.3 was our traditional Moon Festival.
 ( some people like to call it Fall festival , Luna , Winter, Feasting festival...up to you) 
It is a holiday where families like to get together to welcome and celebrate the Fall Season.
And how we like to celebrate is to have a ........feast!
very simliar to Thanksgiving but we have our traditional dishes.

 Geoff and I decided to start the day with Dim Sum, straight to Chinatown we went.
Stuck in heavy traffic so we decided to get out and walk,then realized that it must be a long wait at most restaurant that serves Dim Sum.This holiday explains the super business in chinatown...... standing around ......Hmmmmmm....and then I saw " East Boat Lobster House"
we looked at each other and grinned. Entered the restaurant, look just like a seafood shack with red gingham table cloth...cute.( It has been awhile since I last ate here) Geoff first time and gave it 2 thumbs up!
Menu was great...all photos with desciptions, english and chinese. Decided on the platter for 2:

Dungeness Crab - Steamed whole with side of lemon and butter - it was so sweet we actually did not need it. Can pick any style of your choice...fried , steamed, stir fry with garlic black bean.
Roasted Crispy whole Squab
Salt and Pepper Baked Shrimp
Baked Scallop with Onion and Cheese ( sooo Kraft Singles ) it was still tasty!
Let's see what else came with this platter...... chinese sausage fried rice ( good) omg i just remember , this is a not so heathly move  I had some of the Crab roe and juice with the rice...yup tasty! and Calamari stir fried with pepper and black bean sauce, and also a salad which you can skip..mushy sweet weird...
Did not regret we stumbled here :)

The following night, friends and family got together and decided to dine out...Vegan style.
Ate at this place called " Wild Ginger" it was surprisingly good. Super cute restautant. We had a nice night.

Next night.... of course Mama Ng need to whip up some of her traditional goodies! Love it! Love it!

 Buddah's Delight
 Slow Poached Chicken ( like Hainanese style) with oyster sauce and coleman HOT mustard....itwas very juicey mmmm ( got the recipe that night from mom)
Chinese Broccoli with Garlic and oyster sauce
Steamed Whole Sea Bass with Ginger Garlc and Soy Scallion
Here are some of the snacks she likes to make on any Chinese Holiday  
...Boiled Salted fresh Peanuts and Taro Root except the Moon cakes was bought.

It was very cozy nice night ........and how did you spend yours?


hungrysmurf said...

wow!! That was a mega entry! The food looked so good. You know now I am craving shellfish! I'm jealous I missed the moon festival. Let's go to the lobster house the next time I'm there!

hungrysmurf said...

BTW, did you and Geoff eat all that by yourselves? We need to talk... Like how the shirt matched the table cloth.

Bananee said...

The one dish I miss eating during this holiday is tong yuen " Rice flour balls in soup". We used to roll the dough into perfect circles in celebration of the full moon.

lishapisa said... was totally accidental but perfect!!! I knew one of you would get the picture., heh. Lets go one day.Yes annie I forgot about tong yuen .... Maybe we are not there to help... Fun and delicious ...., and gassy from the daikon