Friday, October 16, 2009

Steamed Tofu with Ground Turkey and Mushroom

Tofu is one of mom's favorite and the way she like to make it is just by taking it out of the container and slicing it into 6 equal size pcs, drizzle some oyster sauce, scallion and steam until done and serve with rice for a simple night.
At the market shopping for dinner spotted the tofu section and thought of mom's simple recipe mmm....good idea for a chilly night.......but decided to jazz it up instead. Here are the ingredients and photos!
silken tofu (box)
ground turkey
oyster mushroom
dried shitake mushroom
oyster sauce
sesame oil
white pepper
broccoli rabe

minced the garlic , slice the shallot
slice the oyster mushroom
soak the shitake mushroom until soft
then thinly slice (shitake has a stronger flavor)
** keep the mushroom water**

Brown the ground turkey until desire size
remove from pan to a plate

I kept some of the juice from the pan
and add oil, garlic, shallot and the both mushroom
until fragrant, oyster sauce , sesame oil and then
add some of the mushroom water.
. Return the turkey to the pan let it simmer with the

Remove the tofu from the box carefully by sliding
knife into the gap between the side of the box and tofu
and work around it. take the plastice off put a plate ontop
and turn it upside down holding the them together, slowly
squeeze the container until it slides out. ( see perfect! )
here it is in the wok to be steamed.

Here was a tricky part , i steamed it on a small plate ( fits in wok)
then to slide it on a larger plate but need to get rid of the water
that steamed out. Tilt the plate slowly wear gloves letting the extra water into the wok, spooned out the rest. ( thought i was going to lose it) Slide on to the good plate and surround it with the brocolli rabe that
i blanched while the tofu was steaming. how pretty

and finally finish it off with the turkey and mushroom topping

With the many flavors and textures from the mushrooms, silky tofu and hint of green with a bite ,
a dash of white pepper and a bowl of rice It was delicious and nice!
( remove the turkey and turns into a vegetarian friendly dish!)

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Mack Shepperson said...

Judging by the way this dish was prepared, I can say that this one exemplifies genuine Chinese cuisine. The combination of mushroom and tofu gives it a very light and delicate flavor, which is the preferred taste for this dish. And it is also very healthy because most of the ingredients used are vegetables that have health benefits, like the shiitake mushroom.