Friday, October 16, 2009

Sunday go go 's Dim Sum

 Last Sunday Dim Sum , and a very busy one! There was a long wait for every dim sum palace in chinatown ...tap ...tap we decided to stay with Dim Sum Go Go , if there is a wait we should play it safe.
It was a good choice , in no time we got a table upstairs ( we prefer , less noisy)

We receive our nice jasmine green tea and started checking off the goodies to order:
and they are.....

sui mai pork shrimp dumpling, fu pei guen beancurd wrap pork roll, chinese parsley dumpling, hai gow translucent shrimp dumpling, stuffed mushroom /fish, fung chow chicken feet, jai churn vege rice rolls, and a must the simple steam chinese brocolli with oytser sauce.
friday today...wondering if we're going to dimsum this weekend?
Dai Gai Yum CHa!!
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