Friday, October 16, 2009

Top Chef thoughts

I'm sure you're all waiting on pins and needles for my weekly Top Chef rant....well, maybe not! Nevertheless, you will get one. Hallelujah! Ash was so pathetic that I am willing to tolerate Robin one more week to see him go! Come on now! That cold pork loin looked sooooo boring! It was a challenge very close to the cookng's hearts, pairing pork with pinot! Annie would have took the prize home for her braised pork butt! I was salivating for the dishes from the usual suspects, the macho brothers, Kevin and Jen. That pork terrine looked out of this world. So the anti-Robin tension building up in the house is very entertaining. And what about Toby and his armpit comments? I like him! Can't wait to see restaurant wars next week. Looks like the you know what is going to hit the fan! Bets on if Robin will mention cancer again?

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lishapisa said...

thanks for the update! have you heard any news re baby's father?
why so mysterious?