Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chinese Pasta Bolognese with Soft Fried Egg

One of my favorite seasons......
I know ( there's only four)
Fall has finally arrived...time to enjoy the crisp autumn air and the warm colors of the fall foliage to come...
And of course ....get out your favorite cardigan , boots , hats and recipes!

Spaghetti of the world best comfort food especially on a chilly evening. And it is fun putting this dish together, you can recreate this wonderful traditional sauce in a snap!
By keeping the traditional base sauce/ ingredients and if you're not in the mood for beef you can just simply replace it with vegetables, any meat of choice, seafood, shellfish or just the sauce alone and of course top it of with your favorite sharp cheese - parmagiano reggiano and parsley
Buon Appetito!

Here's My Twist - Chinese Bolognese
  • ground turkey + pork ( mix together and marinate with soy sauce , oyster sauce, seasame oil, worchestershire sauce, chinese cooking rice wine )
  • asian eggplant + carrot -chopped
  • dried shitaki mushroom - soak in water then slice
  • crush tomato and paste
  • garlic - minced
  • onion - chopped
  • brown sugar
  • milk
  • udon noodle
  • egg
  • parsley
Sauce -
Heat pan, add oil until heated, add onion let it sweat then the garlic until fragrant ( dont let it burn)
add the meat , stir until in bits , remove and put to the side.
Keep the oil and juice in the pan , add the carrots, mushroom and the crush tomato with juice
let it simmer until carrots are cooked.
Time to put the meat back in to the pan, stir in the eggplant, brown sugar,tomato paste and milk. Let it simmer on low flame for a few minutes. Sauce is done!
Noodle -
Japanese udon noodles is what I used for this dish, I like the rice noodle with the savory sauce.
Bring a pot of water to boil add noodles , cook until done ( instruction on the package)
Take your favorite bowl (as it will keep everything together nice and warm)
First put noodle then the bolognese sauce.
You gonna like this one ,topped it off with a nice soft fried egg! ( i think it's a traditional Ng topping) and sprinkle with parsley...
slowly place the fork thru the soft egg and mmmmmm...let it just drown into the lovely bowl of goodness with hints of mushroom, eggplant and the lightness of the rice noodle, .....went for seconds ;)

Nice Soft Fried Egg- heat small pan with oil - medium heat , add egg, when you start seeing the bottom whitening add alittle water and lower the flame , cover ,and let it steam. There ! enjoy.....  

( care to share your recipe...pretty please)


hungrysmurf said...

Wow, your sunny side egg is really good although Annie still has the prize for perfect over easy egg! Never thought of adding a bit of water. Very creative indeed.

lishapisa said...

i agree annie's egg is the perfect egg!

hungrysmurf said...

what's the Fall shot? dried habanero peppers??

lishapisa said...

They are fresh Chinese Lantern FLowers , aren't they pretty. This time of year is when they turn into this beautiful vibrant orange and as fresh cut they last about a week but still can keep them around after as the color does not change. I thought they were pepper as first!

MaryMoh said...

mmmm....that sure looks delicious. I love noodles whatever way it's cooked. This one sure looks very inviting. The sauce sounds very delicious.