Friday, September 18, 2009

Very Simple Grilled Whole Tilapia

This is very easy to prepare and to cook, so you can kick back and enjoy a glass of wine, that's what I did...
With this recipe, you can grill, bake or just simply steam the fish.
Tilapia is a fresh water and non-oily fish, that way it was able to absorb the sauce and seasoning well.

What you need :
Fresh Tilapia - ( yes the fish market will do most of the hard work)
garlic & black bean sauce (LeeKumKee Brand)
salt . pepper

-clean fish inside and out, you might find some scale left, use a knife scape aganist the scale which is toward the head.
I usually have the head of the fish facing me and scaping toward my direction, that helps the scales fly to opposite direction to the wall of the sink (easy to clean) or do it under water.
lightly score the skin of the fish on both side
rub salt and pepper inside and outside
stuff the cavity with ginger and scallion
lay the fish on a plate and rub the garlic and black bean sauce on the entire fish ( can put some in the cravity) you can thin out the paste with anykind of stock
Set up a sheet of foil, lay stalks of scallions then lay the fish on top so it won't stick to the foil.
semi seal it and put on grill, about half way done spread the foil open so the skin is exposed (close lid) that way the skin can crisp. Tilapia is more on the meaty side compared to other fishes but each bite is like butter.....mmmm go on...give it try...

That night we realized we should've got 2 tilapias...
Here is a not so good photo but sooooooooo delish ....served with grilled veges ..
oh yes , foil is great btw ..... we had friends to enjoy our meal with ...

you look good! look good!


Muggletonian said...

Your "friends" brought back fond KinderEgg memories.

James said...

Love you blog and made the tilapia (in the oven)last night for Chinese New Year. Excellent!!!