Thursday, September 17, 2009

lisa-Congee with pork & carrot

I am really enjoying our new blog, posting old and new recipes along with stories.

It is like my filing cabinet has come to life and feels real good to share especially with the girls.

What is interesting is that we all sort of know how to cook similar dishes with its base ingredients, and with adding our own style to them it turns out to be a different or better dish. From that we will be able to adapt from each others recipes ..what fun!

Hopefully we will hear more from Annie and Cindy very soon

(and I know that Cindy has fantastic recipes that are vegetarian friendly ).

On my previous post, I had mentioned my love for congee but I have never tried it with carrot.

Here I made a pot of congee with the extra pork rib I salted when I was making the watercress soup.

Heat the pot with water , rice and pork ( boil pork sperately to remove impurities)


Carrot- diced and boiled in a separate pot. I then add the ginger and cooked carrot to the congee.

Let the pot of congee return to a boil then let it simmer for 20- 30 mins.

Kept the water that the carrots was boiled in and used it to water down the congee if necessary.

Removed some of the pork chunks and shred them with a fork or your fingers, return them to the congee and stir.

Let it simmer, when done I add few drops of fish sauce, salt (might not need it as the pork is salted alrady) and white pepper and top it off with scallion and cilantro. With the flavors of the salted pork and soft cooked slightly sweet carrots, Yes I will definitely make this again.


hungrysmurf said...

What kind of fish oil is it?

lishapisa said...

oops...thanks made the corrections.
Actually meant fish sauce(nam pla)- anchovy sauce which i believe you have already..