Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Should I care?

I just got back from lunch from An Nhau where I was served by the very cute and feisty biggiefood. She was super cute in this cute restaurant. The food was very good. I had pho and a chicken salad. Both were yummy and fresh tasting. (See Annie's entry below for a more complete review). I even went next door to their sandwich stand for summer rolls and a sandwich for the plane. The fish sauce and pate is smelling strong and I'm wondering if anyone seated near me on the plane will be offended. Should I care?? I don't think so! There was another person buying sandwiches for her plane trip to California. Wonder if she'll be on my flight? Together we can permeate the plane with the wonderful aroma of our banh mi.


lishapisa said...

i wonder did the foil work? did you get the purse size febreeze?

lishapisa said...

so....how did the aroma go? Did u care? Bet u munching away thinking of molly mo? Miss u !

hungrysmurf said...

The sandwich was soooo delicious. I think the girl next to me was jealous. The cruncy pickled carrots were so great and made the sandwich taste fresh hours later. I landed 45 mins early. It was not bad at all!