Sunday, September 27, 2009

Little vietnamese girl...

I haven't seen my baby sister for weeks so I decided to visit her one afternoon at work. She has been working doubles at this new vietnamese restaurant in Williamsburg, An Nhau. I nearly jumped on her when she greeted me at the door. You would too, just take a look...

The place is really nice. Imagine Indochine minus the fuss. She sat me in the garden where it felt like an indonesian resort until some annoying hipster started talking.
She took my order and made sure to check on me every 10 minutes. I couldn't have felt more VIP. Out of all people, She knows what a pain I am when it comes to dining out. Service was excellent.

The menu at An Nhau is traditional but modern. I really wanted to order the pork belly braised in coconut juice served with an egg. I am watching my cholesterol and weight ( I'm not 20 anymore) so I opted for vegetable summer rolls.
It was delicious. Normally this is with shrimp but the sauteed portobello mushroom substitutes nicely. The combination of the mushroom, bean sprouts, basil, mint and shredded cucumber and carrots topped with the homemade chili sauce was heaven.

My second dish was the classic pho...
(Sorry, this was half eaten. I was too hungry )
This is surely a classic. You have this wonderful soup served with rice noodles, thinly sliced beef, tendons and beef balls.
You can taste the hours the oxtail and pork bones simmered in the soup. It was rich and flavorful.

If this is the only way I get to see my sister and have good food, life isn't so bad.

Must experience:
An Nhau - Vietnamese Cuisine - Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
172 Bedford Avenue
(between North 7th and 8th Street)
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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lishapisa said...

mei mei... looks good and sounds yummy. Cant wait to see you. Geoff and I will come by soon. Thanks bananee