Tuesday, September 15, 2009

lisa - Watercress Pork Soup

This is one of my favorite soups from childhood and is based on my memory of my mom's recipe. I started making this not too long ago. it's quite simple to make.

Ingredients :

Watercress - water

Pork ribs ( better flavor with the bone)

Carrot -Young potato

Goji berries or Wolf berries

Ginger- Garlic - Red Dates

Start a pot of water for the soup, and another for the pork, bring to boil.

Watercress- to clean, use a big pot under running water and sprinkle salt over the greens that helps to remove any sand or dirt. (standard salt ,don’t waste the good stuff)

I like to keep a portion of watercress aside and add that in after 45 minutes so you can still have some of the crunch.

Pork- put in boiling water for a few minutes to remove the scum and impurities and also the soup will be clear and not cloudy. ( see picture)

When soup pot is boiling, put in pork, watercress, ginger (sm knob), garlic, carrots, and the red dates. Bring to boil again then simmer for 45 minutes

45 minutes later
Add the potatoes, goji berries, and the rest of the watercress.

Simmer for 15 minutes.

Done, I like to add the seasoning on the side , salt, white pepper and oyster sauce. Can add rice or pasta - i like macaroni

This soup also works as a detox soup. Not only this taste great, is super good for you!


hungrysmurf said...

OMG I want that so badly! Yummm.....

hungrysmurf said...

what the hell lisha? I'm expecting to see a full on video demo soon. I love the solo shot of garlic.

Muggletonian said...

This looks delicious and restorative. I've never cooked with goji berries. What do they taste like?

lishapisa said...

this was very good! made extra for the following days, took some to work. Geoff like to have a cup before bed, tells me he feels great the next day.
the solo garlic shot was made for you Em i knew you'll like it!
Goji berries is like raisin like fruit taste tangy and sweet, you can also have it uncook.

Blessed Homemaker said...

I've not tried this with carrots and wolfberries, thanks for sharing.