Wednesday, September 9, 2009

emily - chicken adobo

I made boring chicken adobo again. But John LOVES it! In case you guys want to do it, its easy...and you can use any kind of meat really....maybe not dog....dooog
black peppercorns
bay leaf
1 part coconut vinegar (datu puti brand, I feel very fillipino when i buy this)
2 parts soy sauce
stock or water if it gets too rich or salty
tomato if it is too sour
brown meat, add stuff, simmer till stuff falls off the bone

I'm not going to post national geographic pictures like lisa of this adobo since it was not very good looking this time. I made it with thighs but skinless it tasted damn fine tho.


cindy , emily , annie and lisa said...

i had no idea this dish is so simple, what is 2 part soy sauce?
oh and thanks for your compliment. aren't they stunning , you like the glowing hue... camera lens need to be clean.

cindy , emily , annie and lisa said...

that was me lisha