Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday Dim Sum YUM YUM Cha

Sunday rainy afternoon,

Em's in town and what do we like to do when we're together...have DIM SUM! .....
( Cin's away at a friend's wedding :( )

We decided to go to Ping's Seafood Restaurant on Mott St. as it's been awhile since we last went.

Here are some of the goodies we ordered:

- sew mai .. shrimp pork mushroom dumplings

- choi sum with cripsy garlic flakes

cheurn fun - steamed rice rolls

can you tell how happy delicious dimsum make us...yes

-ngau pak yip - steamed ox tripe w/garlic scaillioin

and we finished with ....

- see yow wong chow mein crispy fried thin egg noodle w/ soy scallion bean sprouts

feeling food coma coming on .....need coffee
....... Mai Daan!

waiting for the check......

.............. got our coffee fix!
too hungry and missed some dishes like fung jow - steamed chicken feet, hai gao - steamed shrimp dumplings, and steamed dry beancurd wrap pork roll.... etc..
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hungrysmurf said...

I eat way too much when I hang out with you girls. Love every minute. Will miss you!!!!

lishapisa said...

guilty as charge! and yes love every minute! I had such a lovely time with you... thank you and god bless you

MaryMoh said...

Hi, thx for ur comments on my blog. Wow...I jz love all t' dim sum here....mmmmmm. Oh...teh chee chion favourite. I wish I was there to join the fun!

lishapisa said...

You're very welcome Mary! so nice that you drop by... dim sum is fun!