Sunday, September 13, 2009

Em's chicken stew

I love making chicken stew! And every time I make it, it is a little different. It's always a tomato and stock base alternating latin, moroccan and mediterranean flavors. Tonight I made it with mushrooms, carrots, green squash and olives. Got all the veggies from the farmer's market. Molly liked it but of course rejected the squash. However, she ate the sauteed broccolini that I made for a side. Go figure. Veggies are a challenge for the mo-ster.
Here's the recipe, its for a large pot. I love leftovers.
6-8 chicken thighs or 1 chicken cut up in 8-10 pieces
onion, garlic
1 can san marzano tomatoes hand crushed, use the puree they sit in too
chicken stock (use more for a thinner stew, less for thicker)
any herbs and seasonings you like (use coriander, cumin and paprika for morrocan style)
any veggies you like
brown chicken, add onion garlic, add seasonings and herbs, add tomato, add long cook veggies, simmer for half hour, add quick cook veggies, simmer until chicken almost falls off bone
Serve with rice, cous cous or noodles....


lisha said...

GOsh! that looks so &*%#@/ GOOD!
AND dreamy.....
i agree! with changing of the recipe time to time ,i seen to never make the same as the last time. I guess it depend on my mood or what i have available at the time and i think that is why i find making stew simple and so yummy ,so many options as long you have a good base....rice or pasta??......which one did you serve with this dish?
so cute Molly like broccolini and not least you dont have to worry about her not liking greens

hungrysmurf said...

omg I didn't read this comment until now! I served it with rice. Rice again?

Cajun Chef Ryan said...

Yeah, this chicken stew looks great!

Bon appetit!

Belinda @zomppa said...

These are some of my absolute favorite flavors! Delicious.

Marisa said...

This chicken stew is filled with amazing flavors! I can almost taste it! Beautiful job.

lishapisa said...

I am so making this tonight la