Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lisa - Chicken Watercress Ginger Tomato Dish

Heat the wok and start!

-ginger, garlic and the dau se ( fermented black bean ) you can also use Lee Kum Kee Bean and garlic sauce ( Recommended)

- add the chicken ( I used wings and drums for this dish )
-soy sauce , rice wine , seasame oil , sugar , white pepper
-added cilantro along with diced stems and quartered tomatos with juice
-watercress the last touch to keep the crunch

served it with avocado slices over rice.
geoff had seconds!

i think it was mama ng fried red snapper that inspired me with this dish. YUM !


Geoff said...

This dish is mighty delicious (and it's good for you too). Oooh yeah!

Muggletonian said...

That looks amazing. I want!