Thursday, September 17, 2009

Top Chef, snoozefest

Is it me or is this season a big snoozefest? I would expect a season in Vegas to be much more fun and exciting. Half the contestants shouldn't even be on the show. The Ngs can cook circles around them. I mean, maybe only Annie knows how to make a bernaise from scratch but still... The redhead made a romaine salad with shrimp and sausage (that she didn't case herself)!!??!!?? Is this Top Chef or TGIF???

1 comment:

lishapisa said...

i thought it will only get better when i last saw it with you girls...probably doing the hollywood touch to make it interesting.. i guess- give us the snooze then a slap!
and for the CookNg girls - you all will get nothing but but slapping!!!!