Monday, September 14, 2009

Pig trotters!

One of my favorite things to eat are pigs feet (anything pig really) but hate the work that goes into getting the meat out of bone. Also gnawing on the bone isn't lady like especially in public. So one night at DBGB, I saw pig trotters on the Tete au Pied "head to foot" section on the menu. It read... deboned crispy pigs feet. I had to order it. It was amaaaaazing. It was meat, skin, gristle, and lots of fat rolled up and then deep fried. I ate everything. I must've gained 20 lbs but who cares! It was worth it.


hungrysmurf said...

mmmmmmm.... gristle!! wow that looks amazing!

Muggletonian said...

That looks amazingly, decadently delicious. So DBGB is living up to the hype?

lisha said...

nicccce! this dish does exist! sounds delicious but i also don't mind having my finger sticky and yummy...... Welcome Bananee!