Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lisa - Homemade Congee - Jook - rice porridge

Got some news today, Little Molly has a fever and a poor appetite. So I mentioned carrot jook and Em really like that idea. I actually found it on this Blog - great selections of soup and congees ( even for babies ) a must check out!
If I can I would have congee almost everyday, it just gives you an instant calming effect and also help restores your appetite. Great for hangovers , upset stomach, sick, or pissed off for no apparent reason... A simple yet versatile dish. The carrot jook does sound good!

Here is the recipe I make when we're not feeling well.
-rice / water - usually 3 parts of the rice amount

( remember you can add water or stock if you feel it is not your prefer texture)

bring to a boil then simmer with lid half off

add the following
-garlic - ( healing ) roasted so it's on the sweet side, squeeze paste into the congee melts right in.
-ginger - ( healing ) slice to thin sticks
-shitake mushroom - thinly slice

simmer for 20 - 30 mins

-fish sauce - few drops

-scallion and cilantro ( something about cilantro, it give it a fresh and smooth taste )

-salt and white pepper

and with that we get a good night sleep while the magic of congee is working the toxins out... always worked ! Congee is my friend


Muggletonian said...

You know, I could use a book of recipes for when I am pissed off for no apparent reason...

hungrysmurf said...

Yes I think jook would be ideal for when I'm pissed off for no apparent reason or for any reason really. Do you think jook is good for jealousy or confusion?

lisha said...

muggletonain, Same here.. we all can use a book like that I think it can be very helpful.. maybe we can put something together.
hungrysmurf, definitely will work for confusion ( clear the cloudiness away) but for jealousy - might just end pouring that piping hot jook on that &^#/@% (PEEP) (PEEP)person! there you go i'm pissed off!

ceecee said...

I love congee but never thought of making it myself mmmm