Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Saturday Lunch - Grand Sichuan

Going to share on what we had for lunch the past Saturday.
We had a very busy morning, so busy we skipped breakfast and a little pass noon , we were ready for lunch! and decided to go some where in the neighborhood.

We felt we needed to reward ourselve for being super busy with house stuff .....and in the mood for comfort food so......of course .....mmmm soup dumplings! Headed down to Grand Sichuan on St.marks.
The waitress was nice and sat us on nice table served us a pot of hot tea and here's our order:

We started with~
- pork soup dumplings ( siu long bao)
- Aah heaven..........

- 2 nd appetizer - Thinly sliced Conch with red sichuan chili oil and scallion

And finally - the Red cooking Pork in little hot wok! - pork belly, chunks pork loin , bean sheetsThe pork soup dumplings, do i need to say more....... mmmmm
and it's fun everyone has their own style and claims it is the first and best technique on how to eat the soup dumplings without making a sad mess.

This is our first time ordering the cold conch dish and it's abit odd in a good way, I am not sure it was a great dish but i couldn't stop myself ..... and i think i will order that again.

Ah finally the Red pork, wow it had the right amount of heat with it cooking at the table in a tiny wok and being spicy at the same time......oooh that's when the bowl rice come handy!

Anyone tried the Conch dish ? Let 's talk......

One of my favorite place to have soup dumplings was Goodies on East Broadway in Chinatown unfortunately they lost their lease....

A small message to all my friends that enjoyed the Soup Dumpling @ GOODIES- they moved!!! Here is their new address:
88 Fulton Street , New York - 212.766.0821 Hours : 11 - 10:30


hungrysmurf said...

Wow! You got that quality chinese food on St. Marks??? That's crazy! That food looks amazing!

Meg Cohen said...

Hello Sisters!

I am so happy that I ran into Cindy in Williamsburg...Your blog is great! I love soup dumplings and Grand Sichuan on 24th street has been a favorite of mine - great to know that there is one on St.Marks.

Happy New Year. xxxMeg